This Man’s Pomposity Knows No Bounds

While the Wilson/Condon project is going through the finishing process and is currently getting painted it has not been necessary to have as many post as during other processes that go quicker and where progression is more easily seen. So that got me thinking…………

From the inception of this site it has been a completely non profit organization created solely to update and chronicle the project not only for the owners but also ourselves and maybe add some interest to others .  A job that I have enjoyed immensely during the past year, and in order to help with the funding for said project, it has come to my attention that I should offer paid advertisement slots in which, I don’t know lets just say “furniture builders” a place to showcase their product, and lo and behold I came across my first customer. Me, although I don’t pay well I have made a deal with the webmaster, I am going to pay myself in installments.

Below: Sycamore table made from a tree we had to cut down in order to get power to the house in which it now resides. Figured sycamore dovetails were inlaid into the top (8) of them in total. Installed on top of an iron trestle base.

Life without industry is guilt. Industry without Art is Brutality. Ruskin, John

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