You say you want a revolution well you know

This site will soon be leaving to join a master site in which the Condon/Wilson project will continue but under its own sub category. The site will be set up so that eventually all of Artisan Builders projects can be accessed through their own individual sub categories on one master site. Which will give me the opportunity to showcase some of the furniture I am building along with other interest. My hope is that the master site will make it easier for me to maintain as well as broaden the interest in all of the interesting projects built by . So keep tuned the wheels are in motion………………

SHOP: mesquite bench and two side tables

Bench made with mortise and through tennon

The tenon itself was diagonally cut all the way through and then a walnut spline that was slightly tapered was cut to spread the tenon tight to the mortise and also aids in it looking bad ass. Legs have a slight taper

Side table with some epoxy in the larger of the holes

P.S: FIGHT STUPIDIZATION : to join the fight or find out more

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One Response to You say you want a revolution well you know

  1. I’m happy to hear you’ll be blogging more. I enjoy your posts and like seeing what you’re working on, whether it’s a house, furniture or some other interesting project. Onward.

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